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Residential, Hospitality and offices

We manage interior design projects in homes from start to successful finish. We create attractive , aesthetically appealing and functional space in a building. We work closely with our clients in creating a viable design and decor plans for each home. Our company translates our clients personality into a tasteful and inviting home environment. Our team is ready to serve you in making your homes an extension of yourself and expression of your personal individuality.

We help in designing and organizing a workplace to optimize worker performance and safety. A well planned office design improves productivity and contributes to the well being of employees. We understand that your office design should reflect your company and how you like to work both internally and with your customers. The office is the central part of our day and often the place we spend the most time in. In addition to functioning well, we want to design an office that creates a pleasant and inviting place to spend time in.


Ideas of beauty, luxury, and relaxation are instrumental in hospitality design projects. Whether it’s an intimate lounge or a sophisticated Michelin Star restaurant, every hospitality enterprise needs a design to accommodate a specific amount of patrons if it wants to maximize earnings. We are trained to conceptualize beautiful spaces that lend themselves to optimal customer service. We provide perfect interior design and quality furniture for your hotel, restaurants and other hospitality project. Reina Lake offers you the best solutions according to your budget. With our solutions we make your customers live in their dreamed room.