XENIA ( Night Collection)

– Xenia collection: Elegance finds expression through splendid design and functional solutions.

– Fine home components epitomize harmonious shapes embellished with unique details.

– The back lighted glass shelves give a hint of light, in perfect equilibrium with the style of the collection. All materials are carefully selected to ensure the best quality. The generous thickness enhances the prominence of the elements.

– The upholstered headboard gives sophistication to the sleeping room. The hidden storage is conceived to grant handiness and comfort.

– With its innovative style, the Xenia vanity table conceals a handy drawer with jewelry organizer and a central space to accommodate a small ottoman.

– The modular wardrobes of Elite collection are available in different sizes and offer the possibility to customize the spaces, choosing among several internal accessories.

– The chest of drawer represents a distinguishing element. The side storage with shelves is a perfect solution to put back your daily items.

– Chrome feet and handles enrich the sleeping area with fine and modern finishing, sign of value and elegance.

– The whole collection is developed with a meticulous representation of details.