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Mobile Thermometer Automatic Disinfection Booth

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Mobile Thermometer Automatic Disinfection Booth

Our Mobile Disinfecting Booth will serve as both a facial recognition thermal camera that measure temperature and also disinfect  persons in less than 10 seconds.

The implementation of compulsory PPE for people like face mask will also be made mandatory and the thermal cameras won’t grant access to persons without face mask.

With all these preventive measures in place, with the help of the right technology solutions we will over come this phase and humanity will rise again.

► Face recognition & temperature record of employees.
► Non contact body temperature measurement.
► No contact hand sanitizer dispenser
► No contact induction sprayer.
► Disinfects soles of footwear of persons.
► No manual operation required

✔ 100% safe for humans.
✔ No toxic chemicals or contents.
✔ High quality disinfectant used.
✔ No wetting of clothes.
✔ Automatic spray.
✔ Kills virus & bacteria in 10 seconds.
✔ No harmful side effects
✔ Once installed, operating cost is just sanitizing liquid.
✔ Product is certified and trusted by local & international authorities.