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Award Winning Interior Design


We are a privately owned Design & Automation company. We provide comprehensive and impeccable Interior design services as well as Home automation services making your home or office smart. This helps make your life Comfortable, Convenient, safe and easy to enjoy.


Our vision is to serve our clients by creating a memorable brand experience while enhancing their quality of life. Our clients are the heart of our drive for excellence.


At Reina Lake we thrive on discerning quality conscious clients that seek assistance in providing that total aesthetic experience. We aim to inform, inspire and assist people through the process of transforming their home or business environment to become a unique and personalized expression of themselves and add to the aesthetic pleasure of their interior space.


⇰ Our creative and technical expertise has grown over time to provide imaginative and intentive solutions for project.

⇰ We believe that customer satisfaction is the key and word of mouth publicity is the best advertisement to add new clients and projects to our portfolio.

⇰ We are driven by quality to ensure that every aspect of project is completed to exemplary standards every time.

⇰ We take time to understand the needs of our clients before we embark on any project, ensuring we deliver on our promise of excellence.