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Design & Home Automation

We are a privately owned Design & Automation company. We provide comprehensive and impeccable Interior design services aswell as Home automation services making your home or office smart. This helps make your life Comfortable, Convenient, safe and easy to enjoy.

Home automation

Home Automation is your Home simplified. Life gets busy but when your home technology is connected into one simple-to-use system, it helps take away some of the daily life stress.

A home automation system will control lighting, climate, entertainment, systems and appliances.

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Turnkey Interior design

We manage interior design projects in homes from start to successful finish. We create attractive , aesthetically appealing and functional space in a building. We work closely with our clients in creating a viable design and decor plans for each home

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Residential, Hospitality and offices

Ideas of beauty, luxury, and relaxation are instrumental in hospitality design projects. Whether it’s an intimate lounge or a sophisticated Michelin Star restaurant, every hospitality enterprise needs a design to accommodate a specific amount of patrons if it wants to maximize earnings. We are trained to conceptualize beautiful spaces that lend themselves to optimal customer service.

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Home Automation

A home automation system will control lighting, climate, entertainment, systems and appliances.

It also includes home security such as access control and alarm systems. It is an easy and efficient way of making your home smart. Home automation gives you centralized control of lighting, Air conditioners, Home entertainment, security systems and other appliances. Smart Home automation delivers luxury, comfort, convenience, entertainment, security and also ensures energy savings.

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Interior Expertise

Reina Lake is a fully comprehensive design company specializing in both Residential & Commercial design.

Free Consultation

Our commitment to defining the workplace leads us to identify the most efficient use of space for corporate and individual client needs and develop a visual ambience that reflects each client’s core values.

Great Design

We provide access to products to complement the design consulting services including furniture, antique, decorations, home and office accessories.

24 / 7 Support

We always pay attention to every detail and time frame as a comimitment of our services to each client. We deliver uniquely beautiful designs that fulfill client expectations and our services are exceptional.

Affordable Price

Our company offers the personalized services the
target market desire and can afford in a way that is unique from conception to implementation.

Guaranteed Works

Whether you are considering a new build, renovation, expansion or relocation, our team works closely with you to define and enhance an environment that works for you.


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